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Biwabik Covenant Supported Missions

Biwabik Covenant supports strong missional giving.  Ten percent of the quarterly offerings received are divided among 10 different missions projects.  Eight of these missions will receive support throughout the year.  The other two misssions are chosen from recommendations or in response to current needs or circumstances. 

Covenant Park Bible Camp

Their Focus -

In a single word: Discipleship

In three words: Win - Build - Equip

In a single sentence: Our aim is to strengthen love for Christ, self and each other through positive relationships, experiences and memories.

Motto: "Where friend meets friend, and both meet God.


Camp is located just outside of Mahtowa, Minnesota

Keith and Florence Gustafson - Africa

Keith and Florence Gustafson have served as Covenant missionaries since 1984, most of that time in Congo. Their work has included evangelism, pastoral training, and working with church leaders. In spite of the political unrest in the country in recent years, the Gustafson’s continue to serve the Congolese church – from the United States. Keith serves as a liaison to the CEUM (Congo Covenant church), making several trips a year and communicating by email and phone in between. Florence works as a hospice nurse in the Seattle area.

Chuck and Sally Keller - Wycliffe Translators - Cambodia


Chuck and Sally Keller began translating the Bible into the Krung language of Ratanakiri, Cambodia, first when Chuck worked in refugee camps in Thailand and then as they helped resettle refugees in the States. Now they travel often between the US and Cambodia to continue the translation work.


Tim and Dawn Patterson


Tim and Dawn Patterson have been Christ-followers for 40 years.  The Lord led them to join GLINTS in October of 2011.  Before joining GLINTS, they served with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) for 36 years. Today, they continue their passion to train and educate global emerging leaders through a seconding relationship with the Internet Bible Seminary (IBS). Tim and Dawn conduct their ministries from Northfield, Minnesota.  Dawn is engaged in ministries locally by mentoring college-aged women and hosting international students at home. Tim develops curriculum for IBS and leads people through the Scriptures in local groups and around the world via the internet. His desire is to help people get into the Scriptures and allow God to teach them.  He has developed studies in Genesis through Joshua (English and Russian), Daniel and Revelation and Galatians.  Over 150 people in 24 countries have studied with him online via his own teaching website, as well as through the Internet Biblical Seminary of BEE World.


Mike and Martha Tifft - 2nd Chance Christian Fellowship, Virginia, Minnesota


We are a new church plant in Virginia, MN with a special emphasis on ministry to poor, the lonely, the rejected, the struggling, the hurting and just anyone who needs a loving and accepting Christian family to be part of. We welcome people from a variety of Christian backgrounds and teach only the Bible. Love God and love people is our philosophy. We are also very non traditional with Friday evening gatherings rather than Sunday morning and a very interactive service that feels more like getting together with friends than sitting in a church. We are mission minded with a goal to reach out to "the least of these" as Jesus said and give them a place to be loved and to learn about God.


Youth For Christ

Every day at thousands of community centers, high schools, middle schools, juvenile institutions, coffee shops, and local hangouts, YFC staff and volunteers meet with young people who need Jesus.  We are rural and urban and we are always about the message of Jesus. 

Zoe Life Christian Center
Today, ZLCC offers a strong mission thrust into countries hungry for the Gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching in foreign Bible colleges, hosting seminars with apostolic pastors and their respective church leaders in remote rural and sometimes mountainous areas in Haiti.  ZLCC is also actively seeking ways to improve the living standard of the poverty stricken in Haiti, supplying monetary support in salaries, school supplies, clothing, medical & eye clinics, and children’s school meals.  We are actively looking for ways to give a hand-up for the Haitian ministry to become self-supporting with the conveyance of tools, treadle sewing machines, and trucks for our Haitian ministry counterparts to establish businesses
Isaza Family - Julio, Katie, Samuel & Benjamin
Serving with the Evangelical Covenant Church in Columbia
There are several other missions projects, missionaries and ministries that Biwabik Covenant supports privately and through the Covenant World Missions program.   There is a terrific display and binder containing current updates from all of those that we support displayed in the lobby of the church.  Stop by and see all that God is doing through our support of missions!

Click the youtube link on the left to watch our Sunday Worship Service

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